La Cianella - compose your own holiday
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La Cianella

Enjoy the space

Welcome to the La Cianella website. Discover our history and activities, take a look at the blog and our photo galleries... enjoy the space!

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Relax or movement? The hills or the beach? Why not go on a bike-ride or see how the local olive oil is produced by visiting the olive press?
Compose your ideal holiday in Maremma.


Mountain Bike in Maremma, trails for everybody

Biking surrounded by nature: green trails of Maremma, plants and flowers giving colors and scents, animals grazing undisturbed, paths opening to the sea with breathtaking scenery, twisted trails between the ancient pines of a natural area. Emotions during a holiday in Tuscany with the mountain bike, which will help to give you a complete relax [...]

Golf in Maremma: special offer La Cianella

Maremma is known as location for open air sports. Trekking and mountain biking, sailing, horseback riding and more: by choosing La Cianella for your stay in Tuscany you can take advantage of the special offer dedicated to our expert golfers guests.

Spring Break holiday in Tuscany with La Cianella

Are you going to spend a pleasant Spring Break holiday in Maremma? Choosing La Cianella for your holiday in Tuscany you can: Enjoy nature of the Maremma Regional Park and along one of the many trekking or mountain biking trails enjoying breath

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