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La Cianella

Enjoy the space

Welcome to the La Cianella website. Discover our history and activities, take a look at the blog and our photo galleries... enjoy the space!

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Relax or movement? The hills or the beach? Why not go on a bike-ride or see how the local olive oil is produced by visiting the olive press?
Compose your ideal holiday in Maremma.


Enjoy the Food at La Cianella

From this year there is a big news at La Cianella: during your stay in Maremma you can appreciate the most delicious Tuscan dishes on the terrace of our relais.   The service is available to guests twice a week in high season, indicatively on Wednesdays and Sundays for dinner.   All products have been [...]

Trekking path in Maremma, the advice of the Cianella

Taking advantage of the Trekking in Maremma special deal of La Cianella, you can easily discover this corner of Tuscany choosing between our favorite trekking routes, divided by different intensity, duration and difficulty.   Bandite di Scar

Trekking in Maremma: special deal by La Cianella

Tuscan Maremma offers several opportunities for trekking, both on nature trails that along the coast and in the nearby hills. The surroundings of La Cianella are rich of trekking trails and fascinating routes that will lead you to discover the sou

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