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La Cianella

Enjoy the space

Welcome to the La Cianella website. Discover our history and activities, take a look at the blog and our photo galleries... enjoy the space!

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Relax or movement? The hills or the beach? Why not go on a bike-ride or see how the local olive oil is produced by visiting the olive press?
Compose your ideal holiday in Maremma.


Horse riding in Maremma!

  The horse trekking is a fun and exciting way to get in touch with the wild nature of the Maremma in Tuscany. Located close to the medieval village of Scarlino, La Cianella is the ideal choice for a holiday on horseback to discover places and locations unique organizing tours to discover the territory and [...]

Wine and Food in Maremma: special offer by La Cianella

Maremma is the wildest part of Tuscany and remains intact today especially in areas far from the coast. Ideal for who love nature, silence and visit the small villages from the medieval character, La Cianella invites you to take advantage of y

Wellness in Maremma: La Cianella and Terme di Sasseta

Book your wellness weekend in Tuscany at La Cianella relais for a stay in the name of relax, skincare and good cuisine. Our relais in Maremma, just few minutes from Scarlino, offers you a special wellness deal  with  Terme di Sassetta, with ti

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