The art of the crossbow with La Cianella

The Balestro del girifalco evokes times of the Middle Ages and the art of the use of the crossbow with a great show that will be held as usual on two dates: June 1st, in honor of San Bernardino Albizzeschi (co-patron of Massa Marittima) and at night August 14th, in commemoration of the establishment of the Free Commune in 1225.

8 archers for each  discrict of Massa Marittima will participate in the tournament: Cittanuova (white, red and green), Cittavecchia (white, black , and yellow) and Borgo (gold, blue and red).

Before the race you can attend a parade of more than 150 participants who wear medieval costumes walking through the streets until reaching the cathedral square, set of the competition.

Don’t miss this historical event and take advantage of your holiday in Tuscany at our relais in Maremma for easy reach Massa Marittima and take part of the show!

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