The Feast of Careers, Scarlino 2012

The Scarlino Feast of Careers is a celebration of religious origin, which over the years got a lay character and each year attracts thousands of visitors.

Historically, it commemorates what happened in 1855, when a cholera epidemic ceased after a religious procession and starting from this year every August 19th this event is celebrated.

Three districts, Rocca, Central and San Donato contend for victory with a series of challenges, from the parade to archery, the Running in costume and Contrade decoration, which become the set for evening performances of popular theater.

Let’s read the account of Bruno, owner of Cianella, who took part at the event as postman.

“The perfectly preserved medieval costumes are proudly worn by the local people who enthusiastically organize the party every year.

Women and children are nervously awaiting the costume parade of representatives of the City, the three districts of Rocca, Centro and San Donato paraded in front of their homes.

Who applauds, who smiles and who is more discreet just looks from behind the shutters.A beautiful, sunny and clear day and the wind creeps through the streets of the village. Sometimes from a hole appears the sea in the distance in all its immensity.

The procession moves slowly but constantly to the castle square where the view stretches for miles from the hills to the sea.

Here the sunlight becomes more oblique, the districts act and compete in archery in Doge presence, supported by people.

At the sunset the race’s finished, people swarms into the stands, someone follows the relay historical, someone rests after a warm day.

But the party is not over … This this is the Scarlino Feast of the Careers and I, Bruno, had the honor of living it as a notary (!).

I am very proud that I have been asked to participate and to took part of an important tradition of this beautiful village of Maremma where I’m working now.”


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