Some ideas for a golfing weekend in Tuscany

Golf is good for health: it prevents depression, improves balance skills, cardiac and respiratory functions, increases strength and flexibility.

Golf Courses in Tuscany

As we said in our last post, being guest of La Cianella you cas easily try the main golf courses in Maremma: Golf Club Toscana Il Pelagone, Golf Club Punta Ala, Golf Club di Saturnia and Golf Club Monte Argentario, but to take advantage of the golf courses in Tuscany you should so be familiar with some common golfing terms:

  • Path: a golf course has 18 holes with lengths between 50 and 600 meters each and are divided into “par 3” (50 to 200 meters), “par 4” (200 to 400 meters) , “par 5” (400 to 600 meters), where the par indicate how many shots you ideally need to get in the hole.
  • Tee: departure area, the distances from the hole are different for men and women, professionals and amateurs. The ball is placed on the tee to start the match.
  • Fairway: the “right way”, shows the ideal path to follow to reach the green avoiding various obstacles.
  • Green: the end of the hole where the grass is shaved and treated to allow the “putting”: the shot where the ball is rolled into the hole.
  • Rough: tall grass, thick and untreated around the fairway, it is important not to send the ball in the rough because it could be hard to hit and is easy to lose the ball.
  • Bunkers: sand pits located in the path to increase the difficulty of the game.


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