Green Etiquette: How to being part of the nature in Maremma

The nature that surrounds La Cianella is really lush and its wild beauty allows guests to choose our relais in Maremma to spend a holiday full of sports, relax on the beach and good food.

To maintain the landscape so important for us, today we decided to talk to you about some simple rules that will allow you to fully enjoy nature in Tuscany.

If during your holiday in Tuscany you choose to relax on the beach, maybe in the beautiful Cala Violina, remember to don’t throw papers, bottles, plastic items or bags in the sand; while if, following our advice, you decide to try one of the many water sports in Maremma, don’t collect marine organisms living in the water or on the rocks, not detached shells and don’t bother crabs and hermit crabs: that is their home, you are guests .

Maremma is rich of natural parks that are home of many animal species. If  you have the good fortune to meet them, watch them from afar without calling and don’t bring at your home memories floral defacing the local vegetation.

A great way to remind you your holiday are the photographs you take, perhaps following the advice of professionals of the Toscana Foto Festival

Tuscant is waiting for you to show its many facets and entertainment opportunities, check the availability of our rooms and discover an unspoilt nature.

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