In charge of your own time

The equilibrium we achieve in life is based on the cyclical character of time, following the rhythms of nature in sleeping and waking. When the rhythms become incessant and one day follows another at a breakneck speed without giving space for the soul, you need to find a way of taking charge of your time. Time is a precious commodity – you need it to be able to listen to your inner voice and to let your thoughts wander. That is the time of creativity, regeneration and when you can contemplate your real self. That time devoted to listening to heeding your inner self has the effect of regenerating your more spiritual side, finding new energy.

At La Cianella our time is surrounded by the sounds of the woodland, reminding us of our relations with nature. Here the days pass according to the ancient rhythms of nature. That is why this is the ideal place to find space to devote to your personal well-being, time to return your psycho-physical health to an even keel.

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