La Cianella – an idea, a project, a life-style choice.

This is what Anna Frey, the architect responsible for the architectural design, had to say:

“My first visit to La Cianella was in September two years ago and my objective was to assess the feasibility of the idea which Bruno Mazzoleni had had in mind for some time: to create a space for hospitality where it would be possible to enjoy both privacy and conviviality, simplicity and attention to detail, rest and love of sport and nature. I only needed a couple of hours to realise that this was the right place, that it had potential and the time had come to draw up designs.

To gain an understanding of developments of the design over the last two years it is important to be aware firstly, that the name of the place, La Cianella, derives from the presence of a nineteenth century fountain on the property called precisely “Fonte delle Cianelle”.

In the second place, the richness of the site derives from the presence of more than 1000 olive trees, some of which are centuries-old.

Our design was thus centred round these two elements, water and land. The idea was to create an environment in harmony with the surrounding natural elements, enhancing what nature and time had passed down to us. Thus it was decided, based on these initial conditions, on the one hand to restore the ancient fountain ensuring the conservation of its historic and architectural characteristics, while on the other, completely restructuring the main residential building.

AExternally, it was necessary to restore architectural balance to the building, made up of a central body, probably dating from the end of the nineteenth century, with other constructions added during the 1960s, so as to form a building set out within an overall rectangular plan made up of units which are very different to each other in volume and size.

It was thus decided to give greater emphasis to the original body, revealing the stone load-bearing structure, leaving however, the plaster on the lateral structures surrounding the central nucleus.

The Fountain, restored in strict observance of the original architectural style, has become an extensive, multi-functional space, to be used either as a place where guests can try the farm tourism products or as a setting for work meetings.

The nearby swimming pool and sporting facilities complete the services available to guests.

Now, having finished our work (the professionals, construction firms and craftsmen involved in this adventure), it will be the Mazzoleni family’s job to welcome the guests in such a way as to ensure that they feel at their ease and well-looked after.

And I have no doubt that Bruno, with his enthusiasm, his vitality and capacity to organise an extraordinary range of activities and Daniela, with her determination, taste and creativity, will prove to be excellent managers of the place, able to welcome their guests so they feel entirely at home. This is because what was underlying their intentions two years ago, was not only the desire to set up an alternative business, but a desire for change, a true family life.”

Squadra Cianella
A part of the team during the works

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