Natural and simple cuisine

cucina maremma

Maremma is an ancient land where you can travel through space and time along paths which stimulate all the senses and play on the imagination. The luxuriant country is flanked by the sea, providing a striking contrast with the evergreen of the Mediterranean bush. These elements nonetheless merge together in a harmony of perfumes, sounds and colours making it an exclusive environment. Simple and uncomplicated origins have always been at the heart of Maremma cuisine, this unique part of the country where the interaction between land and sea dominates everything, with typical products such as wine, oil, cheese, spiced pork, mushrooms including truffles and many varieties of game, providing the basis for food with strong but genuine tastes and flavours.

The great variety of products translates into an infinite variety of pleasures for the palate, starting with the most typical dish of all acqua cotta (a local vegetable soup) and going on to the delicious egg-pasta and other vegetable soups, without forgetting the pleasures of tasting local fish, grilled and embellished with the flavours of wild herbs and the fragrance of the DOC olive oil.

To enjoy these delights you can visit the traditional restaurants and trattorias typical of Maremma or take one of the many fine food and wine tours, enough to make your mouth water just thinking of it.

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