Tuscany Wellness: re-discover the proper balance between body and mind

The word massage comes from the Hebrew word massech defining a series of techniques whose origins go back to the ancient Greeks and Romans although it has now been established that the practice of massage was already widespread in the East 6000 years ago.

Massage is used to eliminate fatigue, to relieve pain and to relax body and mind, restoring a balance to our organism. It is the first therapeutic technique used by man in that manual manipulation exerts an analgesic, palliative effect on any painful areas of the body. Indeed, it is an absolutely instinctive reflex to massage a part of the body causing pain with your hands. These extremely ancient reactions have then been refined leading to the development of specific massage techniques, each culture has developed its own.
So it is that today, thanks to the continuing evolution of these techniques, it is now possible to impart great benefits not only to the body but to one’s personal well-being as a whole.

At La Cianella we offer everyone the possibility of regaining this proper physical and mental balance through the pleasures of massage, well-being here is literally at hand’s reach.

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