Sport in Tuscany: Summer news by La Cianella

Starting from the 19th of August  to the 1st of September La Cianella  guests can do a range of sports embroiled by La Cianella team!

Following the concept  “Enjoy the Space” – physical and mental wellness – Marinella Boscolo and Fiorella Rizzo will drive you to discover the following activities:

  • 2-hours mountain bike tours and trekking in Maremma (duration exclude any travel and breaks). The activity is offered on alternate day.
  • 40-minutes swimming lessons, every afternoon at 18
  • 45-minutes bodycamp lessons, every afternoon at 19
  • 45-minutes acquagym lessons, every morning at 10

Further information about our team?

Marinella Boscolo, born in Udine in 1959. She graduated in Sports Science at the University of Milan. Teacher of bioenergetic exercises and Head of meditation / mindfulness services of the Neuroscience Department at Villa San Benedetto Albese con Cassano.
For many years she played sport at a competitive level, winning in 1979 the Italian title in  windsurfing, swimming in 1975 and the 800 freestyle regional title. Amateur athlete in triathlon from 2008 to 2010. Walking and spinning trainer at American Conturella (Milan).

Fiorella Rizzo, born in 1961 in Trapani, all along sport lover (athletics, aerobics, boxing, spinning).Over the years he has cultivated a passion for crossfit bootcamp and that allows her to create a new workout called bodycamp. This activity encloses many sporting disciplines in the sweetest way to allows anyone to train and maintain good physical shape.

Let’s meet Marinella and Fiorella, contact us for more information.


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