Summer 2013, the events in Maremma

La Cianella, relays surrounded by the green of Tuscany’s hills, invites you to don’t miss the many events planned for the Summer of 2013 and choose the real Tuscany.

The excellent location of our relay will allow you to have easy access to the beautiful beaches of Tuscany and to savor the taste thanks to our wine tour during which you can learn about the best wines of the Maremma and, why not, taste a dish of acquacotta.

Campagna MaremmaSummer in Maremma, the events selected by La Cianella

Vox Mundi Festival. Starting from June 29th until August 2nd, is the festival that brings together sounds and musical cultures of the peoples of the earth. The Vox Mundi Festival, now in its sixth edition, is in fact an opportunity to know and appreciate different cultural and musical identities.

Summer at the Museum. From July to September will return the proposals of the Summer at Museums of Maremma: concerts, exhibitions, guided tours, shows, events, nightlife, activities for children and much more in museums, parks and archaeological sites in Maremma. All information and the program at

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