How to taste olive oil: learn it with La Cianella

La  Cianella, farmhouse in Tuscany, invites you to taste its IGP extra virgin olive oil during your stay in Tuscany.

To best taste olive oil, you have to put the equivalent of a tablespoon of oil in a glass, noting the color. However, color isn’t  important for quality, in fact professional oil tasters use a colored glass (blue or brown) not to be influenced by it.

The glass should be slightly warmed in the hand before holding your nose and breathe in two or three times, then goes to taste the oil with chopped unsalted bread or introducing a bit in your mouth and inhale quickly with half open mouth.

The quality certified IGP oil (i.e. Protected Geographical Indication by Tuscan region) by La Cianella also contains a partially extracted from typical olive trees of Scarlino.

The “olivastra scarlinese” is a native tree of the Scarlino area but is now reduced to a few examples and some of them surround La Cianella.

During your stay you can also buy IGP extra virgin olive oil produced by Cianella choosing from:

  • Glass bottle 75 cl, € 12
  • Can 3 liters, € 35
  • Can 5 liters, € 55

For the fifth year, the oil made by La Cianella is quality certified / IGP  and it often participate to a selection of quality oil producers powered by Tuscan region institutions.

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