Toscana Food and Wine: Socci Golosi at La Cianella

I’ll cook tonight”, that’s the leit motiv of the evening offered by the Cultural association I Socci Golosi, hosted by La Cianella.

I Socci Golosi, where “Socci” means the Scarlino citizens, have the aim to make Tuscany food and wine appreciated through their dinner and people who joined “I’ll cook tonight” tested the Association Board of Directors’s cooking with a well matched selection of wine.

The menu had 3 appetizers (cuttlefish and pine kernel toasted bread, aubergine cream, tomatoes and toasted bread, octopus salad), 1 starter (pasta with prawns and asparagus), 2 main courses (cuttlefish with cauliflower cream and tropea onion, prawns and bean cream) and 2 desserts (“Luciana’s pie” and “Floriana’s fish”), all prepared using the kitchen of La Cianella.

Born in 2002, I Socci Golosi is defined as a “undemocratic” association. “Joining our Association” explains Simone Rustici  “you have to accept and observe rules, first of all the respect for who accept our invitation and want to show us the fruits of their labour”.

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