Summer in Tuscany? Enjoy it up to September

If you are looking for a place to enjoy the last remnants of Summer, the Maremma is the right choice for you!

Here are the recommended events just minutes far from our relais in Tuscany:

Garland Fair. On September 1st, Garland, near the town of Massa Marittima, is home of the traditional exhibition dedicated to the animals: cattle, pigs, donkeys and horses presented by local farmers, without forget the performance of the Maremma’s butteri and the opportunity to taste the wines and foods typical of the area.

Late Summer is an opportunity to experience the authentic and rustic atmosphere of the Maremma, see rare species of livestock, such as the Amiata donkey or the Cinta Senese pork, and horseback riding thanks to free riding.


Spazio Transiti in Marina di Scarlino. A few minutes from our relay in Tuscany you will find a contemporary art space, a meeting place for artists and emerging young ones. In particular, on August 28th there will be the inauguration of the exhibition “The Navel of the World” open until 28th of September, when he leaves the space, from 30th September  to 30th  October, to the exhibition “On the Water”.


Tradition and culture, therefore, but don’t forget that September is the ideal month to doing sport, thanks to the many mountain bike trails and trekking tours easily accessible from our relay in Maremma!

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