Well-being customised to your needs

How often has a pillow which a friend considered the height of comfort kept you awake all night, or a holiday planned with too many activities (or perhaps too few), has proved to be a disappointment? That is because well-being is a personal issue, made from an interweaving of habits, physical make-up, tastes and desires.

We are fully aware of this at La Cianella and it is why we have designed a structure which can adapt itself to the wishes of our guests right down to the modular nature of the bedroom layouts.

At La Cianella you will indeed be able to enjoy your holidays with your friends but you don’t need to be too tied to them thanks to the possibility of opening a communicating door between bedrooms or the possibility of booking flats with several entrances.

You’ll then have all the freedom you need to enjoy your time to the full, either abandoning yourself to the slow flow of nature or enlivening the day by taking advantage of the on-site facilities (tennis courts and swimming pool), taking the chance to look over the olive press or visit the cellars, creating your own time-table for your own holiday.

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