Olive oil: precious ally for health and beauty

cucina maremma

Who doesn’t know olive oil? It is one of the foods of our culture and not only: it has many benefits on our health and on our beauty.

Olive oil in the kitchen

Olive oil is an integral part of Tuscan cuisine: from simple recipes like appetizers made with slices of bread and oil raw or crushed oil, up to the most elaborate as panzanella (summer dish consists of bread, tomatoes and basil), the bread soup (version “enriched” the soup) and other traditional soups like acquacotta.

Olive oil helps to keep under control the cholesterol level, is rich in antioxidants, that prevent cell aging, and thanks to vitamin E helps to protect from osteoporosis risk.

Olive oil and beauty

In addition to the nutritional properties, olive oil is also an excellent cosmetic. Many factories and thermal spas in Tuscany, for example, combine the olive oil in mud or essential oils to make the skin soft and supple, but not only: also not forget the benefits of rheumatic pains and skin!

Taking advantage of a stay in La Cianella treat yourself to a moment of wellbeing: our relays in Maremma produces an excellent IGP extra-virgin olive oil that you can taste on the terrace at sunset and, if you like, buy the following formats: Bottle 75 cl milk 3 liters or 5 liters.

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